Annette Nijs

Jurado 2018

Annette Nijs (Países Bajos, 1961) es economista. Desde 2009 desempeña el cargo de Director Ejecutivo de Iniciativa Global de la China Europe International Business School (CEIBS).

La Sra. Nijs publicó su primer y único libro sobre China hasta la fecha en octubre de 2009 en los Países Bajos.

Ha sido Ministra de Educación, Cultura y Ciencia en los Países Bajos y también miembro del Parlamento. Fundó además el Instituto Europa China en la Nyenrode Business University.

Estableció su carrera profesional internacional trabajando en Shell durante más de diez años en Europa, Estados Unidos, Oriente Medio y Asia en roles financieros y comerciales.

Annette Nijs es miembro del Consejo Asesor Internacional de la Nyenrode Business University, Vicepresidenta Global de la Asia Pacific CEO Association y miembro del Comité Supervisor de The Hague Partners

La Sra. Nijs recibió el honor de Caballero de Orange-Nassau, una condecoración de los Países Bajos en 2004 y el Premio de la Amistad del Gobierno Chino en 2015, el mayor reconocimiento otorgado por el Gobierno de China a extranjeros.

Jury 2018  Jury 2019

Annette Nijs  is an economist and China watcher. She is the Chair of  BSN, a private action learning business school, which teaches in more than 10 locations in Europe, China and Africa. (

Nijs published her second book on China called ‘The China Factor’ in English in July 2019. Her first book on China ‘China through different eyes ‘ was published in 2009 in Dutch in her home country The Netherlands.

Nijs is the founder of The China Agenda. The experts of The China Agenda support anyone and any organisation in forming a balanced opinion and taking more informed decisions on China related matters. “In everything we do, we use the same approach: we always make sure that we determine the specific China characteristics at work and identify how they influence the topic of interest or the situation at hand”.

For a decade she was the Executive Director Global Initiative of CEIBS, China Europe International Business School. CEIBS is the #1 business school in Asia and its MBA currently is globally ranked in the top 5 by the Financial Times.

Nijs is a former Cabinet Minister for Education, Culture and Science in the Netherlands

(2002 – 2004) and a former member of the Dutch Parliament (2005 -2006). She established the Europe China Institute at Nyenrode Business University. She started her international career working for Shell for more than 10 years in Europe, United States, Middle-East and Asia in finance and commercial bottom-line managerial roles.

Nijs is Global Vice Chairman of the Asia Pacific CEO Association, Member of the Advisory Council of the Sino-International Entrepreneurs Federation founded by LONG Yongtu, member of the Supervisory Board of The Hague Partners, Member of the International Advisory Board of Nyenrode Business University, Member of the Jury of the IESE International Friendship Award for China.

Nijs received the Knighthood of Orange-Nassau, a Royal Decoration of the Netherlands in 2004. In 2015, she got the Chinese Government Friendship Award, the highest recognition of the Chinese central government for foreigners who made an outstanding contribution to the relation between China and the rest of the world.