Chen Xi

Chen Xi Awardees 2019

Chen xi is the general manager of Sanquan Food Co., Ltd in China.

Sanquan Food Co., Ltd is the largest frozen Food enterprise in China, the pioneer and leader of the frozen Food industry in China. China’s first frozen glutinous rice balls, the first frozen rice dumplings are all from Sanquan.

At present, the company has established production bases in Zhengzhou, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Suzhou, Tianjin and other places. The products have reached more than 400 varieties, and the market share in China has reached more than 30%, ranking first in the industry for many years. Sanquan brand is the only frozen food company that has been listed in the “BRANDZ top 100 most valuable Chinese brands” for five consecutive years.

Sanquan company has the only national enterprise technology center and the only post-doctoral research station in the industry in China. It is the maker of the production standard of frozen food industry in China and the main participant of the logistics standard of frozen food industry. Sanquan brand has been recognized by China brand research institute as the iconic brand of frozen food industry.

Chen xi worked successively in the company’s predecessor, Zhengzhou Sanquan food factory and Zhengzhou Sanquan food co., LTD., serving successively as deputy general manager of finance, director of the company and deputy general manager. From July 2009 to now, he has been the director and general manager of the company.

Chen xi pushed the company to build a corporate governance structure and management system with clear property rights, clear rights and responsibilities, scientific management and standardized and efficient management according to the requirements of modern enterprise system, and was successfully listed on Shenzhen stock exchange in February 2008.

Chen xi active assistance to promote the industrialization and the industrialization of Chinese traditional food, attaches great importance to the scientific and technological innovation, lead the three whole foods positive research, introducing and popularizing new technology, new technology, the construction of the domestic most advanced frozen dumplings and quick-frozen dumplings production line, constantly enrich and develop the market of frozen food category, make three company-wide frozen food industry standards and national standards, and has nearly 10 patents. At the same time, he also used advanced business philosophy to accelerate the pace of enterprise development, created a large amount of social wealth, increased the government tax revenue, directly arranged nearly ten thousand rural surplus labor force, and made contributions to the development of local economy.

Mr. Chen xi received his MBA degree from CEIBS in September 2005. Through the communication platform of the college, he has been committed to promoting the entrepreneurship and connection of high-quality enterprises in China and the world, and has made active efforts to this end.