José-Pedro Sebastián de Erice

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José Pedro Sebastián de Erice is Secretary General of Técnicas Reunidas Internacional (TR).

Presently, Mr. Sebastian de Erice is Member of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation of Instituto de Credito Oficial (ICO). Chairman of the Spain-Russia Council. Member of the Spain-China Business Council. Vicepresident of the Club de Exportadores e Inversores (Spanish Exporters and Investors Club). Secretary General of INCIPE (Spanish Institute for International Affairs and Foreign Policy). Member of the Scientific Advisory Council at the Royal Institute Elcano.

Between August 2003 and October 2006, Mr. Sebastian de Erice has been Ambassador of Spain to the People’s Republic of China.

He was in charge of the Official Visit to China by the Spanish Prime Minister in July 2005 as well as for the State Visit to Spain by the President of PR China in November 2005. In his position, he has been instrumental in the establishment of the Strategic Partnership Relation between Spain and China signed during that State Visit.

He was a key sponsor of Spanish-Chinese trade, decisive for operations and investments of some relevant Spanish companies in China. He has also been very active in the promotion of Spanish culture in China, and more specifically with the launching of the “Instituto Cervantes” in Beijing in July 2006, when its opening ceremony was attended by H.M. the King of Spain (at that time H.R.H. Crown Prince of Spain).

In September 2006, the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries awarded Mr. Sebastian de Erice the honorary title of “Friendship Ambassador” between the Peoples of China and Spain.

Prior to this position, he was Under Secretary of State at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

At that time, he was member of the Board of the National Heritage Administration (Patrimonio Nacional), the Instituto Cervantes and Correos S.A.
(Post State Administration).

Previously he was Ambassador of Spain to the Federal Republic of Germany, a position he held from 1996 until 2002, based both in Bonn and in Berlin.

During his mission in Germany, he played an important role in the strategy for having Spain as a member of the European Economic and Monetary Union, and joining the Euro zone. He was member of the Board of the Karlspreis Foundation, who awards one of the most prestigious European Distinction.

Ambassador (ret.) Sebastian de Erice was a member of the Spanish Foreign Service.